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Loan Signing Agent

What is a Loan Signing Agent?


A Loan Signing Agent is a Notary Public who facilitates loan closings for the mortgage finance industry.

Loan Signing Agents have been specially trained to handle real estate and loan documents.

Lenders and Title Companies hire Loan Signing Agents as independent contractors to assist in the last step of the loan process.  All Loan Signing Agents are Notary Public but not all Notary Public are

Loan Signing Agents.


Loan Signing Agent

Employing the services of a trusted loan signing agent can prove to be an essential time-saver. This is especially true when you include the convenience of a Mobile Notary. Having a skilled professional on hand to verify and bear witness at the beginning of a loan is the best possible way to protect the interests of all parties involved. 


When it comes to closing a loan, time is always of the essence. Sorting through piles of loan paperwork can be tedious and confusing. Having one of our trained and certified Notary Signing Agents manage the details is an immeasurable solution. We serve as the final link to complete your home loan process.


At TRW Signatures, we offer same-day signings, early morning, after hours, and weekend signings for your convenience.
Along with our impeccable service, we offer same-day document drop-off and overnight mailing.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

Online Notary

Why Choose to​ Notarize Virtually? aka R.O.N.

  • Remote Online Notary (R.O.N.)

  • No travel times

  • Immediate access to video record of signing

  • Notarized document instantly emailed to customer

  • Complies with FL state law requirements

  • Secure ID validation

  • User friendly

  • 100% contactless



Remote Online Notarization, or “RON” as it is commonly called, is a 100% online notary service where documents can be executed and notarized over the Internet using your webcam and microphone.  Only a specially trained and authorized remote notary can perform notarizations online.  TRW Signatures uses One Notary, a secure electronic Notary platform that safeguards each recorded transaction.



TRW Signatures is a web-based remote and electronic notary signing agency. We are commissioned through the State of Florida and contracted with One Notary, the nation’s leading company in securing documents. Through our platform, we assure to deliver every document with 100% safety, confidential, and reliable notarization. We specialize in Title, Escrow, and Mortgage Company closings. TRW Signatures is built on experience, integrity, and professionalism. We provide electronic notary services for an affordable fee, and with the convenience of our web services, you can access them from your office or home. Simply upload your documents TODAY and receive your Electronic Notarized Signature within minutes.


We are a member of the National Notary Association



Here Is How It Works


Upload Your Documents

A person or business uploads the document to be signed and notarized. The RON

platform notifies the notary that the documents have been uploaded.


Verify/Confirm Your Identification

The signer accesses the RON platform and begins the authentication process.

The notary starts a recorded video chat session with the signer and any witnesses.

The notary completes identity validation and credential analysis

    Ensign Your Document

The signer digitally signs the documents, and the notary performs an electronic notarization.

The signer and/or business entity receive copies of the notarized documents.




Select the Payment Option from Pricing Menu

Click the PayPal button to select from the drop-down menu of pricing and service options.


Notary Will Electronically Sign Your Document

The signer digitally signs the documents, and the notary performs an electronic notarization.

The signer and/or business entity receive copies of the notarized documents.


              Your Documents Are Stored Then Emailed Back To You

A copy of the audio-video recording, including the authentication process and details about the signer, witnesses, and documents, are uploaded to the notary's digital journal.

The signer is sent the notarized documents by email.

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