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Toy R. Walker

Toy R. Walker, a Notary Public, Online Notary,

Loan Signing Agent, and Life/ Health Insurance Agent.  A dedicated mother and wife for over 30 years.  A professional with over 10 years of experience as a loan officer, and 15 years of experience in office and field operations.


Toy’s Entrepreneurial acumen was fostered during her 12 years as Chief of Operations for Top Mop Cleaning Service, a family-owned commercial cleaning company that grew to over $250,000 in annual revenue.

While there she developed her keen attention to detail and her love for customer service.


Toy’s most heartfelt focus has always been and will continually be, to meet the needs of Children, Women, and families, to help them achieve homeownership, and to make a difference in their lives that can never be erased.


She works tirelessly to see lives changed for the better and to give children an advantage to succeed regardless of what life throws at them.


Toy is the proud owner of TRW Signatures.  


Below is a list of different documents we have experience notarizing.

Financial Documents

  • ·   Mortgage closing documents / Loan Signing

  • ·   Property deeds

  • ·   Some types of credit documents

  • ·   Financial statements

Legal Documents

Legal forms often require notarized signatures. Documents may include:

  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Advanced Directives

  • Executorships

  • Custody and Guardianship Agreements

  • Power of Attorney

  • Court Documents

Business Documents

Businesses often have a need for notary services. While not every single important document requires notarization,

some documents requiring these witnessed, verified kind of signatures include:

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Memorandum of Understanding Documents

  • Vendor Contracts

  • Commercial Leases

  • Employment Contracts

  • Construction and Loan Agreements

Our Customer Service and Attention to Detail...  is what makes Us Unique!

Satisfied Customer Testimonials

Jacqueline S. 

Toy Walker is a  very polite, knowledgeable, and thorough professional. A delight to work with. Many thanks for your kindness and efficiency!

Anita L.

Toy Walker is a very Professional Notary, that I would Highly Recommend. She made the process of closing my loan very simple, and surprisingly enjoyable!  The process was pain-free at a challenging time.

Nina M.

I cannot begin to express how impressed I am with TRW, Toy Walker was so professional, friendly, and thorough. Their Mobile notary service is extremely Accommodating!

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